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jane monica-jones

somatic experiencing® practitioner

Discover the transformative power of Somatic Experiencing®, a holistic approach to healing trauma that recognises the profound connection between mind and body.  Somatic Experiencing® empowers individuals to tap into their body's innate wisdom, fostering resilience and facilitating lasting healing, offering a unique pathway to recovery.


  • accidents & falls

  • addiction

  • boundaries

  • burns

  • coersive control

  • complex trauma

  • financial abuse

  • financial trauma

  • high impact and motor vehicle accidents

  • natural disasters

  • physical injury

  • pstd

  • sexual assault & abuse

  • surgery

somatic specialties 
Image by Carlos Torres

Somatic Experiencing® is a powerful tool for healing and transformation. If you’ve been struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction or other symptoms and are looking for a holistic, integrative approach to healing, I’d love to hear from you.


somatic experiencing


cloud experience

Cloud Experience® is gentle somatic session within a cloud like setting that embraces the entire being, whilst cocooned within the clouds. Be transported to a state of pure serenity and reset towards safety, relaxation and support.

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